My UnityPoint – Follow My Health

MyUnityPointUnityPoint Health is one of the local healthcare organizations in the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois where I live.  Recently, I changed healthcare providers and moved from an endocrinologist to a nurse practitioner.  I’m thrilled with the nurse practitioner BTW, but this blog is about a tool that my new provider uses to communicate with her patients.  It’s called Follow My Health, and it’s a web portal for managing your account with your provider.  It’s tool offered by UnityPoint Health for setting appointments, sending secure emails, updating medications and supplements taken, seeing your blood test results, and downloading all of your medical records with Obama’s Blue Button download program.

If you’re a patient of UnityPoint Health or Trinity Healthcare in the Quad Cities, ask your provider about this.  Ask them if they’re connected to the “My UnityPoint” or “Follow My Health” system.  Here is a tutorial video about what the portal provides


From 2003 to 2011, I was a patient in the Edwards Hospital system in Naperville, IL near Chicago, and my endocrinologist there was so far in the dark ages, that when I started with her in 2003, she didn’t accept credit cards, when other doctors were providing web portals like this one.  Eventually she accepted credit cards, but she never did communicate via email when I moved to the Quad Cities in 2011.  When I moved to the Quad Cities, there was no choice in endocrinologists.  There was 1 accepting patients in my insurance system.  His office computer system was overhauled recently, and his employees just never could figure out how to use it.  He didn’t have this portal either.  So now my nurse practitioners office is totally connected.  Totally high tech.  I’m finally with a legit provider who understands technology.  They even suggested that I send them emails if I ever have problems and they can look up my current pump settings and make recommendations via email.


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