How To Host A mySugr Challenge Group

mysugr-animatedmonsterSo this week I’ve been doing a test run of a mySugr challenge group on Facebook.  A 7 day challenge, who’s purpose is to make tracking your diabetes fun, while developing better tracking habits.  mySugr is a FREE diabetes management app for iPhone and Android, and it is hands down the absolute best diabetes app I have ever used.  My CDE has people download it and register while they’re in her office because she believes in it so much.  So far the response to this challenge group has been astounding.  Everyone is engaged, tracking, comparing, learning, joking, and more.  It’s been so much fun, and we’re only on day 3.  We’re a bunch of full grown adults that sit there tapping on the monster icon, to see what funny noises it will make.  You not only get a pet monster, but you also gain insights into your diabetes.  Pretty cool huh?  Yeah, mySugr rocks.

So here is a little template for how I’m running this challenge group.  First, you have to prospect for who wants to participate.  I suggest a few posts on your social networks and include this video with some of those posts for people who don’t know what mySugr is: Diabetes Companion App  You’ll want to keep the challenge group small.  5 or 6 people works great, but an absolute max of 10 people.  I suggest you start with a short challenge of 7 days.  Define the start and stop days.  I did my first one from Sunday through Saturday.

Once you have your list of challengers, create a SECRET Facebook group.  This keeps all group posts hidden for the challengers privacy.  Then customize the group if you want, and invite your challengers to the group.  If they’re not on your friends list, you can add them via email.

Now each challenger will be expected to post a screenshot of their mySugr overview screen or logbook at the end of each day (or the start of the next).  If they want to ask for advice they can, or they can share their wins and losses.  Jump for joy, or ask for a hug.  Your responsibility is to watch who’s not checking in, and go ask if everything is ok, or if they just forgot.  Don’t be annoying, just be a coach.  Let them know you care by checking in with them if you don’t hear from them.

You as the leader/advocate will also want to post daily motivation and information.  I recommend 1 or 2 posts each day.  I’ve been posting videos from the mySugr YouTube channel to help them get to know the app better, and let them know it’s benefits and options.  Below I’ve created a list of posts that you could use for each day to give you starting point.


Make sure to sign up for the free ENDURANCE challenge in your app’s settings screen to support JDRF:

Don’t forget to name your diabetes monster!  What will you name yours?


Check out this motivational video from mySugr as you learn more about mySugr Companion:

The more you track in the app, the more points you earn.  The more points you earn, the faster you tame your monster.  Who’s tamed their monster already?!

DAY 3 

Scott gives us an overview of the mySugr Companion and how to get the most out of it:

If you’ve sat there repeatedly tapping your diabetes monster, just to hear the funny sounds it makes, and watching the goofy dances it does, then fess up here.  ADMIT IT!!!  😉


Fredrik explains the integration of mySugr Companion and BGstar / iBGstar blood glucose meters:

What has mySugr helped you to discover about your diabetes this week?  What insights have you gained as a result of using it?


Fredrik shows us the value of the reports function of mySugr Pro, and how practical they are for your diabetes care team:

Raise your hand if you think this challenge group is causing you to track more about your diabetes than you would otherwise.  What do you like most about mySugr so far?


From now on, cables are a thing of the past with mySugr Importer:

Did you know that diabetes advocate and blogger Scott Johnson is the mySugr lead contact in the US?  Connect with the mySugr team at this link:


Here’s a final review of the mySugr Companion app:

What did you like most about participating in this challenge group?  Will you be getting mySugr pro?  Oh! Don’t forget to go give mySugr 5 stars in the app store!


So that’s the basics of running a mySugr challenge group.  If you decide to run one yourself please leave a comment below and let me know!  I’d love to hear how it goes.





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5 Responses to How To Host A mySugr Challenge Group

  1. This is great stuff, Rich! Super idea and I’m loving how you all are making it such a fun group-based thing.

    Everyone at mySugr HQ would love to know what we can do to make this sort of thing better for you – so don’t be shy on sharing your feedback.

  2. Oh, and my daughter helped me name my diabetes monster “Chewcarba” – nice, yeah?

  3. richthediabetic says:

    Thanks Scott! I’m running off to work right now, but will brainstorm on this and let you know if I think of anything when I get home tonight.

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  5. What a great idea. I’ve recently started a group on Facebook for people with type 1 diabetes and I think I may see what interest I can stir up! 😉 (Julie)

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