D&D and Diabetes

Dungeons & DragonsI’m a fanboy of Diabetic Danica, and she’s always posting about the interesting situations in which she encounters and makes friends with new type 1 diabetics.  Tonight I had such an encounter while playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) with a new group of people.

30 years ago I was very into role-playing and miniatures battles as a hobby.  There were a lot of different games that I played.  I was a teenager when I started, and I played through my mid twenties.  I grew out of it over time, and I hadn’t played in about 20 years, until this year.  I’ve been slowing re-entering the gaming world starting with Pathfinder 7 months ago, then tabletop board games and Vampire the Masquerade over the summer, and now X-Wing battles and D&D again this winter.  D&D is what got me started when I was 14.  Tonight was my first D&D game since I was oh, about 25.  I was stoked to play again, and I knew the dungeon master, but not the other 5  players.

If you’re not a gamer, you may not know that killing monsters makes you hungry.  So we’re all snacking around the table while we shoot arrows, cast spells, and clobber things.  I check my Dex as I’m eating some tasty barbecue chips, then look at the bag to get the carbs so I can bolus with my pump.  We were about half way through this dungeon crawl, hunting goblins and bugbears, when I look over at this young guy (early 20’s) who has a diabetic kit open with his insulin and syringes to bolus!  Instant bonding moment.  We forget about the goblins and start talking diabetes.  Then everyone else starts asking us questions about friends and family members who have diabetes.  The poor dungeon master (DM) didn’t know what to do.  LOL!  I pointed out that we could finish our diabetes talk at the end of the night, and got us back on track for the DM.  At the end of the night we had killed all the goblins, saved the hostage, and filled our pockets with loot.  We had a hell of time keeping our cleric alive, and he’s the one who’s suppose to heal the rest of us!

After the game, I invited him to our local support group, told him about the diabetic online community (#doc), and we talked for a while about our common condition.  He mentioned that he doesn’t really know many type 1 diabetics, and he’s interested in advocacy too.  So I can’t wait to introduce him to the online community, and help him get involved.   Isn’t it always just the coolest when this sort of thing happens?  The one place I’d NEVER expect to meet a fellow T1 is in a room full of gamer geeks.  Wicked cool.  Where’s the most interesting place you’ve ever met a fellow T1D?  Leave a comment!

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