Jammin 4 Justin Diabetes Benefit

Jammin 4 JustinJustin Lindstrom was only 11 years old when he lost his battle with type 1 diabetes last summer.  I didn’t know Justin, but I did recently meet his parents, which is how I got to know his story.  Jammin 4 Justin is a benefit and concert to honor his memory.  It is the brainchild of his parents, who now have a passion to do whatever they can to save other children from this terrible disease.  His father is a member of a Quad City area band that you might remember from the 90’s, called Crop Circle which is still performing today.

I have had type 1 diabetes since 1970, and as a child, there were far to many nights where my parents would awaken to me having seizures due to low blood sugar.  I was lucky, I survived.  Meeting Justin’s mom and dad, took me back to my childhood and those horrible nights, making me remember, and wondering how my own parents felt as I was growing up.  I know what it’s like from the child’s perspective, but I can’t imagine what it’s like from the parents perspective.  I’ve read articles, and seen stories, of kids and teens that leave us unexpectedly, but it’s never hit home like this for me.  I’ve never “felt” it so close like I do now.  I can’t make their pain go away, but when they told me about this concert, I couldn’t help but use my social network to do my best to get the word out for them.

Jammin 4 JustinI invite you to join Justin’s family & friends to celebrate his life on Saturday Jun 13th, 2015, while raising funds for a cure to type 1 diabetes.  This event is fully supported by JDRF Eastern Iowa Chapter.  ALL PROCEEDS from all ticket sales and all raffles, go to JDRF.

Speaking of raffles, there will be a raffle with some mind blowing prizes at this benefit.  Business supporters from across the Quad Cities region are donating amazing prizes to support this event.  The prizes just keep rolling in, but you’ll have to come to see what they are!  Now for the day’s schedule, which shapes up like this:

8:00AM Pancake Breakfast
9:00AM Jr. Bags Tournament
12:00PM Adult Bags Tournament
12:00PM Pretty Boy Floyd Meet & Greet
6:00PM Concert Begins

Jammin 4 JustinBands that are performing include Arianna Ferman featuring Shadow Stone, Canned Ham, Crop Circle, 9th Street Memory, Eleven Fifty Two, and 3 Years Hollow.  For those not in the music scene in the Quad Cities, those are the best bands in the area, and all are donating their time for this kickass show.  This is the going to the biggest event in the area this year!

Advanced Ticket’s are only $10, and you can get those by [CLICKING HERE].  The show will be located at a popular venue in Kewanee, IL called The Pioneer Club.  They are donating an incredible amount of time and resources to this event, so please show your support for them by liking their Facebook page [HERE]. Finally, if you use Facebook, we have a formal event with lots of pictures of raffle prizes and other news and info [AT THIS LINK].


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